Signature Cakes

Make every moment an occasion
When there's a moment to celebrate, a birthday or anniversary, exam success, a sporting victory or just to say "thanks" or "I love you" then Baskin-Robbins delightful combination of premium ice cream and cake in one exotic dessert defines a memorable occasion. When there's a moment to have dessert, just because it's Friday or simply because it's time for ice cream then Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes make a lasting impression.

Layered with our signature Pralines and Cream ice cream and chocolate sponge cake, coated with combed white icing, this premier square cake is the perfect gesture to honor your host for the evening. Decorated with a border of white icing rosettes and topped with white chocolate flowers, white and dark chocolate striped batons, silver coated sugar balls and dark chocolate curls. The cake is finished with a white icing rope border.

Simply dazzling! A round ice cream cake made with velvety Pralines 'n Cream ice cream and rich chocolate cake gives way to a chocolate fudge scroll, edged with creamy pieces of luscious chocolate. Perfected with striking chocolate rosettes, decadent chocolate truffles and whipped cream. Garnished with a colourful display of strawberry spread adorned with strawberries, raspberriesand blueberries for an elegant finish. Make the ultimate impression.

Delight in a luxurious square cake made with our Chocolate ice cream on a chocolate sponge cake, coated with combed chocolate icing and a dark chocolate spray. Decorated with chocolate icing rosettes and balls. Dark Chocolate Truffle balls are placed on each of the icing rosettes and the balls of chocolate icing are topped with striped dark and white chocolate triangles and dark chocolate curls. The cake is finished by a chocolate fudge rope border. Your hosts will be delighted by this extraordinary cake.

An indulgence to be shared and enjoyed. Round ice cream cake made with Chocolate ice cream on a chocolate sponge cake, coated with chocolate icing. Topped with delicious chocolate ganache by a rope of chocolate icing. Decorated with milk and white chocolate curls, white chocolate batons, marbled chocolate triangles and whole raspberries. Finished with marbled milk and white chocolate plaques around the sides and a chocolate fudge
rope border.

A captivating round ice cream cake layered with premium Chocolate ice cream, indulgent chocolate cake and adorned with chocolate rosettes and fine European chocolate pieces. Generously finished with chocolate frosted topping, pistachios, hazelnuts, and chocolate straws,and drizzled with a caramel ribbon. It is the ultimate rich and creamy chocolate indulgence. Make the ultimate impression.

6" Ice Cream Cakes

These delicious six inch cakes are perfect for any celebration. They serve 4-6 people so it's a perfect excuse to invite some friends or family over for cake! To find your nearest store, view our list here.

Chocolate Splendour
Praline Supreme
Chocolate sponge teamed with our delicious Pralines 'N Cream ice cream, topped with vanilla and chocolate frosting.
Royal Chocolate
Royale Chocolate Three of our favourite things: Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate! Chocolate sponge, Chocolate Mousse Royale ice cream and chocolate frosting.
Rich Golden Gift
Rich Golden Gift The perfect combination of chocolate and caramel. With Caramel Chocolate Crunch ice cream, chocolate sponge and chocolate frosting, finished with a white chocolate ribbon.
Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight Very Berry Strawberry ice cream with scrummy vanilla sponge and frosting. Piled high with berries and strawberry drizzle.

Artisan Ice Cream Cakes

Have your cake and ice cream, too! Baskin-Robbins Artisan Ice Cream Cakes are available in selected stores and are made to your specification - any of our available ice cream and cake combinations. Here are some of our favourite designs. To find your nearest store offering Classic Cakes look for "Artisan Ice Cream Cakes available here" on the store finder.

Ice Cream Cone Round Cake
Ice Cream Cone Round Cake
Adorable tiny ice cream cones cover the top of this cake. It's perfect for the ultimate ice cream lover's birthday celebration!
Delectable Designer Bag Cake
Delectable Designer Bag Cake
Is your mum a fashionista? Give her a cake with loads of style. We've transformed our classic 9" round cake in to a new, delicious and chic masterpiece, perfect for the Mom with designer taste.
Cookie Cake
Cookie Cake Attention cookie and ice cream lovers - Cookies circle the top of this delicious cake frosted with Vanilla ice cream, drizzled in dark chocolate and edged with a fudge border.
Share The Love Cake
Be Mine Share the love this Valentine's Day - Ask someone to 'Be Mine' with this mouth-watering cake frosted with pink vanilla ice cream, and decorated with delicate red hearts and icing.
Swirl 'n Twirl Celebrate in style with 'Swirl 'n Twirl', a delicious cake frosted with classic vanilla ice cream, coated with delicious fudge pieces, dark dipping chocolate and finished with decorative chocolate swirls.
Mother's Day Cake
Make Mother's Day extra memorable with this new elegant cake adorned with delicate white wild roses and pearl accents. Don’t forget to ask for it in Mum’s favorite flavour and colour.
Santa Cake Complete your Christmas party with our delicious Santa cake. This treat will be the life of the party and serve as the centrepiece for any special celebration! Choose your favourite ice cream flavour and sponge.
Easter Cake Put a smile on your face with this delicious treat of chocolate cake and ice cream, transformed into a perfectly adorable dessert.
Valentine's Cake Looking for a unique way to express your feelings this Valentine’s Day? Say what’s in your heart with our Kiss Me, Be Mine, and Love You ice cream cakes. Just tell us the size and the flavour you’d like, and we’ll create the perfect cake for your special someone.
Cookie Crush
Ice Cream Cake

Indulge in our delicious March Cookie Crush Ice Cream Cake. Decorated with mouth-watering chocolate curls, Oreo® cookies and filled with chocolate sponge and cookie ice cream goodness.
Floral Bouquet
Ice Cream Cake

A delicate yet delicious floral ice cream cake is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, filled with your favourite flavour and topped with beautiful red flowers.