Baskin-Robbins has 150 stores in the UK and is continuing to grow. In the UK, we are exclusively seeking experienced and well capitalized multi-unit operators who are interested in:
  • Being a local brand ambassador
  • Joining a brand with flexible real estate options that fit almost any space
  • Owning a business with convenient operating hours
  • Receiving world class training and support
  • Satisfying guests with various product lines, such as fresh-packed and pre-packed ice cream, customizable ice cream cakes, as well as cups, cones, warm bakery desserts, sundaes and beverages
  • Developing at least ten units in a resonable timing

Single store franchise opportunities are not available and we expect our applicants to meet the following requirements to grow with us as franchisees:

  • Multi-unit Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), retail, and/or foodservice experience
  • Expertise in negotiating and sourcing real estate in a given market with our support
  • A long-term, strategic vision for developing the Baskin-Robbins brand
  • At least £500,000 in minimum liquid assets for a 5 store investment initial phase

Our development strategy is centered on finding ways for guests to experience our brand in locations that offer the best mix of visibility, access, size and cost structure.

  • In high- to mid-market residential populations
  • In High Street locations within leisure and touristic environments
  • Ample parking and regular passing footfall