The Baskin-Robbins Market

Estimated to have reached £1 billion in 2012, the UK ice cream market has grown with perceptions of ice cream as an 'affordable luxury' outweighing thriftiness and health considerations in the recent economic difficulties of the past few years. In the UK, premium ice cream has proved hugely successful and now accounts for just under 50% of value sales.

“Baskin-Robbins takes pride in delighting guests the world over with its rich library of ice cream flavours and wide array of frozen treats,” explains Nigel Travis, a London-native and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Dunkin’ Brands. “With the development of these additional restaurants, even more ice cream lovers across the UK will be able to enjoy our premium ice cream, ice cream cakes and frozen beverages, all served in a fun environment and at a great value.”

“This is also great news for the British business community. Baskin-Robbins’ further growth in the UK provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to develop a franchise business. It also means hundreds of new jobs, which we are particularly pleased to be supporting.”